Still no answer: UEFA shows up from FIFA in the World Cup

The European section of the 2022 FIFA World Cup certification acts as qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to be kept in Qatar, for nationwide teams that are members of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). An overall of 13 slots in the final competition are offered for UEFA groups.

The UEFA has re-criticized the FIFA for her plans of a World Cup and EM every two years and aggravates the demand for a debate about the appointment calendar. Even more than a week after the request of UEFA and its members to organize the DFB to organize a special session, FIFA have not responded yet, complained by the continental association in a communication on Wednesday.

Disappointed with selected approach

UEFA is disappointed with the chosen approach, as radical reform projects have already been communicated and publicly advertised before the UEFA was given the opportunity to comment on a consultation procedure together with the other stakeholders in a consultation procedure, it said in the press release.

Furthermore, the Continental Association pointed to dangers that would bring a halving of the rhythm of large tournaments from his point of view: so the value of the World Cup would be reduced, weaker national teams would have fewer athletic possibilities, as regular games would be replaced by final rounds. In addition, there would be a risk of overburdening the players.

Hope for feasibility study

According to own information, the UEFA hopes that the FIFA Commissioner feasibility study for two-year rhythm also includes all episodes and consequences . These included, for example, calendars, impact on club competitions, on the physical and mental constitution of the players, on the fans, on the ecosystem of football, on women s and junior competitions.

Therefore, a future design of the international game calendar should be the subject of a fundamental consultation procedure and exchanges between FIFA, confederations and the most important stakeholders of competitions .

The Games of FIFA, the World Championship from 2028 and continental tournaments such as the European Championship from 2025 to be carried out every two years, especially in Europe for a lot of criticism. UEFA President Aleksander Cefer threatened Boycott. The German Football Association faced the side of UEFA and emphasized that such a decision can not be taken without the approval of European associations and European football .

Online summit announced

FIFA wants to debate the controversial plan coming week with his member associations. On September 30, a so-called online summit is to take place over the international play calendar. This runs for women at the end of 2023 and for men 2024.

DFB against online summit

The DFB sees an online summit critical and allowed for it: A discussion among all FIFA national associations, we are currently not responsible for without preparatory discussions with detailed information in all committees. Rather, one wants to wait for the talks between the top representatives of UEFA and FIFA. The DFB will fully support the adopted line of UEFA against the FIFA plans, it was concluded in the statement.

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